The Inner Banks STEM Center (IBX STEM) is located at the Washington Warren Airport, Washington, NC, in Beaufort County. In addition to having a general aviation airport, Beaufort County has a complex system of navigable creeks and streams connected to the Pamlico River replete with marine life. So, aviation and boating have a strong connection to many Beaufort County residents and impacts commerce.

Our Primary Goal:

Create a sustainable and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) science enrichment program with a focus on reaching at-risk under-represented 5th-9th grade students to help prepare them for 21st century STEM Careers.

We recruit students for our program, regardless of their race, sex, gender, or religion. However, we place a priority on attracting students who are facing socioeconomic/financial challenges (at-risk youth) such as Blacks, minorities, females, and youth from under-represented communities. Students who are not considered at-risk are also encouraged to participate in our program. The program is structured to take the mystery and apprehension out of taking a STEM course or considering a STEM career path. Many students, especially at-risk, do not receive adequate family support or encouragement to consider a STEM academic course of study.

We encourage all students who attend our program to about their future. We explain how they should identify an academic course of study that they enjoy and use that as a basis to select a STEM career field. We also stress to the students that education, not violence, hate or criminal activity, is the way to a better quality of life.

We have a unique STEM programs in which we incorporate life skills, STEM education, and health concepts in our holistic curriculum. We incorporate a lot of confidence-building hands-on experiences that demonstrate some of the fundamental scientific principles within the aerospace, boating/marine education, and renewable energy industry.

IBX STEM has served over 1,300 students since it was formed in June 2012 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. IBX STEM is uniquely situated to assure that 5th-grade through 9th-grade students are aware, informed, and prepared to meet the academic and employment career path requirements that youth in the 21st century will face.

Mentoring and instruction is facilitated by adults who are subject-matter experts in STEM or STEM-related fields. Direct emphasis is placed on career exploration throughout our programs and all participating adults engage students in discussions about careers involving science.