STEM Go Karts On The Go

Vail Stewart Rumley | Washington Daily News

VRRROOOM: Children from the Beaufort County Boys & Girls Club in Washington got the opportunity to drive go-karts during an afterschool outing. Washington police blocked off Manuel and Pontiac drives in Washington, with Lt. William Chrismon giving the go-kart motorcade a police escort around the block. The event came courtesy of Beaufort County Police Activities League, which promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills, along with good fun. For more photos, see page 9 in today’s Washington Daily News.

ON YOUR MARK: Pontiac and Manuel drive in Washington on Wednesday afternoon had some unusual traffic: go-karts, driven by the children of Beaufort County Boys & Girls Club. The event was sponsored by Beaufort County Police Activities League, which finds fun ways of introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills into its curriculum. Children were each given the opportunity to take a spin around the block, piloting their own go-kart, with a police escort.