Est. 2012
Mission Statement:

Empowering Tomorrow's
Innovators through STEM Education and activities

Our mission is to create a novel Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program for at-risk Black, Hispanic, Female, and other minorities, and under-represented middle school/high school youth, regardless of race or sex, to help prepare them for the employment requirements of the 21st century by:


Providing an exciting “hands-on “project-based syllabus utilizing aerospace/drones, robotics, scientific Inquiry to Life Skills, boating/marine ecology, and renewable energy using Artificial Intelligence


Exposing the students to professionals in a variety of a STEM careers through field trips, guest instructors, community events, Saturday Academies, and summer camp programs


Demonstrating how education, not criminal activity, is the way to a better quality of life


Working in partnership with the Beaufort County Health Department to educate youth about the importance of fitness, diet and nutrition


Facilitating youth workforce development and soft-skills by cultivating positive life-skills about work ethics, education, choosing friends, understanding diversity, handling peer pressure, and not "going along to get along" to be accepted
Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

Syllabus Enrichment:

Engaging STEM curriculum with practical projects.

Career Exposure

Connecting students with diverse STEM professionals.

Lifelong Learning

Education empowers for lifelong success.

Health Education

Promoting wellness and nutrition awareness.

Empowering Futures

Meet Our Dedicated Team Making Dreams Possible

At IBX Stem, we believe in the power of unity and compassion. In our group photo, you’ll see the smiling faces of diverse youth standing alongside our dedicated team leaders. This image captures the essence of our mission – to create a supportive community where every child feels valued and empowered to pursue their passions in STEM. Together, we’re breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and building a brighter future for all.

Strength lies in our diversity, and together, we're shaping a world where every child's potential is realized.

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