Fuel Future Innovators

Join us in empowering the next generation by supporting IBX STEM’s General STEM Education Campaign. Your contribution helps provide vital STEM education to underrepresented youth, sparking creativity and nurturing potential across diverse communities. Help us reach our $100,000 goal to expand access, inspire innovation, and build brighter futures. Every donation makes a difference—invest in tomorrow, today!

While our general fund supports broad initiatives, consider also contributing to our specialized campaigns below.

Scholarship Campaign: Aviation Camp

Help young minds take flight with the Aviation Exploration Camp Campaign! This initiative seeks to fund an immersive, hands-on learning experience where students explore the fundamentals of aerodynamics, flight simulation, and aircraft mechanics. 

Contributions directly support resources such as flight simulators, aircraft models, and expert-led workshops, ensuring every participant gains valuable insights into the world of aviation.

Scholarship Campaign: Boating Camp

Set sail on a journey of discovery with our Boating Camp Campaign! Your donations will provide young enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn about marine navigation, boat safety, and aquatic ecology.

Funds are allocated towards boating equipment, safety gear, and educational excursions to local marinas and Coast Guard stations, enriching the maritime experience for all attendees.

Scholarship Campaign: Renewable Energy Camp

Power the future with our Renewable Energy Camp Campaign! This initiative is designed to inspire students in sustainable energy solutions through hands-on projects like wind turbine construction and solar panel experiments. Donations fund necessary materials, technology, and field trips to energy plants, enabling participants to see renewable energy in action.

Scholarship Campaign: Drone Camp

Elevate education with the Drone Camp Campaign! This program introduces students to the exciting world of drone technology, focusing on coding, assembly, and flight dynamics. 

Your support helps provide drones, software, and safety equipment, as well as training from experienced pilots, giving students a comprehensive understanding of unmanned aerial vehicles.


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