Our Facilities

On February 13, 2018, IBX STEM marked a major milestone with the completion of its Aviation, Technology and Fitness Center located at the Washington-Warren Airport at 201 Airport Rd Washington, NC. This 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility serves as headquarters of the IBX STEM Center.

Educational Training Devices in the Aviation Program

Redbird Jay Velocity Basic Aviation Training Device

The desktop Redbird Jay Velocity Flight Training Device (FTD) is the latest generation of an introductory flight training device. This a cost-effective and very effective entry-level teaching tool that can accurately replicate the airplane movement relative to control inputs made by the student to maximize student learning.

Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator (FMX)

The FMX is “state-of-the-art” FAA-approved device that can be used to conduct all phases of flight training. It accurately replicates the 3 axis motions of flight; yaw, pitch, and roll. Small electric motors, computer hardware/software and eight screens combine to create 180 degrees of realistic outside visual references including airports and terrain. This simulator is an example of a sophisticated robotic device. Exposing the students to the aerodynamics of flight, thinking in a 3-D environment, and the function of the flight controls through the FMX has proven to be extremely successful and a phenomenal teaching tool.