Our Story

The Inner Banks STEM Center ™ (IBSC) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit
located in rural eastern NC. IBSC was formed in June 2012 but was originally called the Beaufort County Police Activities League.

In August 2018, our name was changed to reflect our expanding role in establishing a STEM “youth workforce development pipeline” to get 5th-9th grade students interested in areas of STEM and research. Our STEM program exposes minorities, females, Hispanics, underserved or underrepresented groups, socio-economically disadvantaged youth, and students with higher spectrum Autism (collectively our at-risk population) to designated educational options and careers in science, technology, and research.

We use aviation, drones, renewable energy sources, and boating as the intellectual bait to get students interested in STEM career paths; some require fitness for duty/entry examinations. Second, we expose the students to a life-skills workshop to help them make smart decisions about all aspects of their life. 

We discuss in detail the various aspect of making good street decisions, choosing friends, body language, diversity in the workplace, Internet threats and bullying. And third, we provide a comprehensive diet/nutrition and healthy living block of instruction to the students.


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