Parent Info Center

We look forward to helping your child grow through our hands-on approach to STEM learning.


Parents and guardians are responsible for dropping their children off at designated drop-off points. Typically, IBX STEM vans pick up at participants in front of the Boys and Girls Club, Bridge Avenue, Washington, NC at 9:00 AM. Students are then transported to the IBX STEM Center located at 201 Airport Road Washington, NC. At the close of the days, students are dropped back off at the Boys and Girls Club at 4:00 PM or later if we have a field trip. IBX STEM provides transportation to all field trip excursions.


During the summer camps, breakfast and lunch are provided to the students at no cost by a third-party vendor or IBX STEM.

Enrollment & More

If your child is not currently in our program, but you would like to enroll them, please reach out to us via the form on our Contact Page. Criteria for student selection is that the student:

  1. Have a positive attitude
  2. Exhibit good behavior
  3. Attend every day
  4. Will benefit from attending our program because of distractions in their family situation or financial need
  5. Has some interest in science or technology

We encourage you to use the form on the Contact Page to begin the application process, or so that we may answer any inquiries.