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Drone ACE Camp Program

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July 22, 2024
July 25, 2024

The Drone ACE Camps are being conducted as part of a partnership between Beaufort County Community College (BCCC), Hyde County, and IBX STEM.

To register for a Drone ACE Camp, please call the following BCCC number phone number; (252) 940-6375; school catalog link: https://beaufortccc.edu/current-con-ed, page 38.

Our Drone camps are certified/endorsed by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation – Division of Aviation as Aviation Career Education courses (ACE). The ACE designation means that the course curriculum contains science and technology education blocks of instructions.

Each year, IBX STEM, as part of its community outreach initiative to rural locations, conducts a series of in-person drone camps. We have established partnerships with the Beaufort County Community College (BCCC) Foundation, the Hyde County Schools, the Boys and Girls Club to recruit students and submit applications. This represents an excellent way to leverage community resources. 

Our drone camp utilizes a four day/18 hour in-person course outline. For the first three days, we will spend 4 contact hours per day with the students. The students will be exposed to diversity and life-skill concepts, aviation history, flight aerodynamics for drones, coding, drone safety, and drone maneuvering concepts.

On the fourth day of the camp, we will have the option of conducting a 6-hour field trip to either the IBX STEM building at the Washington Warren Airport (OCW) or to an aviation museum or military airbase. 

At the IBX STEM building, we will conduct hands-on/project-based learning using mini-wind tunnels to demonstrate the Bernoulli Principle and Newton’s Law of Motion. 

The students will also fly a desktop flight training device and a full motion flight simulator. If time allows, the students will be shown how to preflight a real airplane.

We have a classroom at the IBX STEM building where we can conduct drone simulation training using a large 27” monitor screen for enhanced visual impact.

Our training scenario utilizes a RealFright simulation software and hardware that will incorporate flight lessons, game-like challenges, and multiplayer options so the students can fly their drones and compete with each other virtually. 

The software that we use will have compatibility with Virtual Reality headsets. This capability will add another dimension to the learning experience and help the students develop 21st Century skill sets that the aerospace workforce industry will require.

Our Summer Camp Programs

  • Will run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm each day with firm drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Have breakfast, snacks, and lunch that are included in the program everyday.
  • Are limited to 24 students for a better learning experience because of the hands-on projects that each camp includes.
  • Have a mix of hands-on building projects and field trips to keep the students interested.
  • Offers a scholarship program that allows parents/legal guardians who are financially challenged to apply for scholarships to allow their students to attend the camp at no cost.

Donation To This Program

Donation To This Program

FAQs for Drone ACE Camp

This camp exposes students to the history of aviation, basics of aerodynamics, weather in relation to drones, airspace, drone flight, and drone coding. Students get time each day actively flying drones and practicing flying drones through obstacles.

IBX STEM is conducting the training for the Drone Camps. The Beaufort County Community College College will be responsible for handling the registration for these camps. Please refer to their school catalog for registration and pricing.


Welcome to our Registration for our Available STEM Programs


Welcome to our Registration for our Available STEM Programs