Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Our Summer Camp Programs

  • Will run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm each day with firm drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Have breakfast, snacks, and lunch that are included in the program everyday.
  • Are limited to 24 students for a better learning experience because of the hands-on projects that each camp includes.
  • Have a mix of hands-on building projects and field trips to keep the students interested.
  • Offers a scholarship program that allows parents/legal guardians who are financially challenged to apply for scholarships to allow their students to attend the camp at no cost.

At IBX STEM, we’re thrilled to introduce our Saturday STEM Academy, a dynamic 8-hour program designed to engage and inspire young minds in the exciting realms of aviation, boating, drones, renewable energy, and law enforcement. Our project-based syllabus ensures hands-on learning experiences that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Aviation ACE Camp

This two-week Aviation Camp offers a deep dive into the world of aerodynamics, from the fundamentals of flight controls and instruments to the practical design of airports. 

Students engage in project-based learning, constructing hot air balloons for flight tests and creating foam wing airfoils to study airflow in a wind tunnel. 

Participants, including middle-school students and high school/college-aged team leaders, experience hands-on flight training with advanced simulators and actual aircraft like the Diamond D-40. 

They also meet aviation professionals and explore career paths in aerospace through unique field trips.

Camp Cost
Camp Start Date
Camp End Date
June 17, 2024
June 28, 2024
Camp Cost
Camp Start Date
Camp End Date
July 8, 2024
July 19, 2024

Boating Camp

This two-week camp offers a comprehensive boating curriculum, including hands-on projects at the STEM Center and Boat Hull Theory with practical water testing. 

Students will visit US Coast Guard bases and local boat manufacturers, enhancing their understanding of maritime careers. 

Instruction from Coast Guard Auxiliary covers safety and operation, supplemented by kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving with the NC Estuarium. 

The third week focuses on sailboat operation and other water activities in collaboration with the Boys Scouts of the Coastal Plains, along with a fitness and life-skills program, complete with daily meals and swimming lessons.

Renewable Energy Camp

This camp is two-weeks long and includes a variety of project based learning instruction. In this camp, the students are challenged with formulating a hypothesis about selecting the most appropriate renewable energy source for a specific location and subsequently validating that hypothesis using scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and project-based learning based on what the students learn during the camp. 

We use hands-on class projects/displays along with a 5-meter planetarium. We then expose the students to the same earth science concepts using an interactive Earth Science classroom syllabus. 

The students also get to see real-world applications of these topics by visiting an operational wind turbine farm in eastern NC and a solar farm. 

This program will cultivate the participating students’ interest in Earth Science and Renewable Energy and help them develop the prerequisite STEM skill sets. 

This multi-faceted project exposes the students to careers in engineering, renewable energy, marine ecology/oceanography, meteorology, and geology. The goal is to establish a STEM “youth workforce development pipeline” to get 7th-9th grade students interested in areas of STEM and research, especially in the area of renewable energy sources/Earth Science.

Camp Cost
Camp Start Date
Camp End Date
$No Cost to Students
July 22, 2024
August 8, 2024
Camp Cost
Camp Start Date
Camp End Date
July 22, 2024
July 25, 2024

Drone ACE Camp

The drone camp gives students with little to no knowledge of drones and aviation an introductory course on drones and aviation. 

Students will spend a portion of each day of camp flying drones. Students spend the first day learning the history of aviation and about different types of aircraft and the different purposes that drones/UAVs serve. 

The second day is focused on the aerodynamics of flight. On the third day students learn about weather, safety, and airspace in relation to drones. 

On the final day of camp students spend time coding drones and learning important life skills. 

  • Autonomous programming with a “hands-on/minds-on” learning experience
  • Technological problem-solving skills to complete the camp
  • STEM topics will include the Archimedes Principle, Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, Bernoulli
  • Principle, four forces of flight, and the 3 Axis of flight; remote-control airplanes and a hot air balloon flight.


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