Student Eligibility:

Our STEM science enrichment program is structured to give all 5th -9th grade students an opportunity to attend regardless of sex, gender, race, or religion.

Available Space:

Space is limited due to the nature of the STEM program. Our summer camp programs are limited to 22 students. Applications will be accepted on a firstcome-first-admitted basis with a waiting list established. We try to set aside 40% of the available seats for students that will be funded by a grant or sponsorship.

To be considered for entry into a summer camp or afterschool program that the student must: (1) have a positive attitude, (2) exhibit good behavior, (3) attend every day, (4) have a desire to attend, and (5) have some interest in a STEM area.

Cost to Attend a Program:

We realize that some students who would like to attend one of our summer camps and/or an afterschool program (if a fee is charged) are financially unable to pay. We have been able to obtain grants to pay for these students to attend our program at no cost. We hope to continue to offer these opportunities through new grants and /or sponsorships from local community service organizations or businesses.

Student Selection Process:

Most of the students that attend our programs are selected/nominated by one of our partner organizations. These partner organizations include: (1) the local school system, (2) the Boys and Girls Club, (3) 4H Club, (4) other nonprofit organizations, and (5) an IBX STEM staff member.